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ThinkRisk is the only 100% Autonomous Risk Management Solution Available

We Create Value for Internal Auditors, Controllers, and Finance & Accounting Teams

SOX hours saved
per process area

Average two quarter capital leakage recovery per customer

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The Only SaaS Solution that Automates the Discovery and Mitigation of Risks with Our Proprietary AI-Driven Continuous Transaction Quality Monitoring System™ (TQM)


Reduction in transaction review time


Increase in audit efficiency


Reduction in write-offs and discrepancies

Keep Operations in Order Across All Financial Datasets

ThinkRisk is a new holistic solution that solves a variety of problems - not just another siloed tool. It's why the enterprises of the world are onboard.

Our autonomous risk management solution simply plugs into your existing enterprise transactional ecosystem to source data, provide seamless controls and automation for teams to protect capital - while scaling finance and compliance teams.

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Our Unique Approach

Combines Transactional Data with Cognitive Intelligence

Combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing along with financial datasets provides real-time transaction quality monitoring that engages finance and audit teams to proactively detect and predict transaction risks before they happen or intervene against them to vastly limit exposure.

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Our Mission

We believe every enterprise has a right to protect its capital from financial and operational risks. That's why it's our mission at ThinkRisk to empower the finance teams across industries with technology to upskill, scale and optimize their pursuit of capital protection.

According to a recent Deloitte study* traditional risk management and the way in which business and related risk and controls are monitored must evolve with the same speed and sophistication.

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ThinkRisk Delivers A Better Human Experience

Because it's not about information... It's about intelligence.

We understand your challenges because we've been in your shoes. That's why we purpose-built a new way to solve for enhancing and protecting our clients' capital by making Artificial Intelligence explicitly serve the needs of users to help companies identify problems - and solve the problems we identify - empowering everyone with a better human experience.

The Days of Manual Risk Management Are Over

Multiple methods of invoicing, tracking and payment, typically use siloed systems that don't communicate seamlessly. To make matters worse, inefficient manual processes and controls are driving the growth in cost of compliance.

ThinkRisk brings siloed data together and makes it actionable in real-time while our effective continuous monitoring and automated testing of internal controls recovers thousands of lost hours - otherwise spent manually reviewing large data sets.

Data Intelligence and Human Intelligence - Our Guiding Factors

Upskilling the finance community with data-driven intelligence

Through our pre-trained and continuous learning algorithms, finance and audit functions are augmented to deliver better outcomes and increased confidence in the integrity of financial statements for better financial risk management.

  • 100% transaction coverage
  • Create trust in financials
  • Save costly hours and energy
  • Scale teams
  • Reduce false positives
  • User-centric design
  • Easily lookup history and context
ThinkRisk AI

ThinkRisk Key Features

Purpose-Built AI
Our purpose-built AI platform analyses 100% of your transactions to deliver clear and actionable risk insights, increasing trust in your financial statements.
Rapid Deployment
True enterprise SaaS transaction analysis platform that requires minimal integration time and delivers quick time to value. Organizations can be onboarded in as little as 2 weeks to almost immediately realize value.
Scalable Enterprise Platform
Our platform is built to be a “plug and play” solution that can be seamlessly integrated with major ERPs and accounting systems to rapidly realize ROI and optimize inefficiencies. ThinkRisk's SaaS platform is scalable across business processes to address all your transactional risks.
Risk Insights
Actionable Risk Insights
ThinkRisk's explainable AI provides insights on the risks and their respective causes so finance and audit teams can focus on the most impactful risks.
Resilient Data Architecture
ThinkRisk platform applies a robust data ingestion layer to aggregate data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth for transactional data.
Empowering Across the Enterprise
We were founded and built by practicing finance, audit and accounting professionals who understand the problems and processes across enterprise finance community and empathize deeply with users.

Improved fraud detection and prevention. Now I can better substantiate the appropriateness of transactional activity and find higher risk records that can be analyzed for fraud. The business can now trust that internal audit is really looking for transactions that could be fraud, and that we really need the support for higher- risk entries.

Cleveland Cliffs

Lead Auditor


The business can now trust that internal audit is really looking for transactions that could be fraud. They also now have the confidence that the numbers, the financial statements reflect what is really going on in the business, in near real-time.

Fortune 100

Lead Internal Auditor


TR has been a good piece of security we can run all our transactions through. Now we have confidence our internal controls and processes are working to prevent fraud and other issues - and we can communicate this to our Board and audit and risk committee. We can also trust the quality of our data. It's an extra level of comfort that things are under control.

Cricket Victoria



ThinkRisk platform significantly reduces our time spent identifying anomalies as well as providing a higher level of accuracy. We hope to continue using the platform for many more use cases to increase efficiencies in our audit, SOX, and risk management process.

SOX Auditor


ThinkRisk frees up your people - CPAs, auditors - from boring, horrible work to focus on more important, mission-critical work.

Global Accounting & Advisory Firm



ThinkRisk not only brought the technology to the internal audit function, they also brought the audit background and expertise. And because they are not a big bureaucracy, we could be open about what we want and they could be more flexible.

Neel Venkatachalam

Regional Head - Internal Audit, Arcelor Mittal


We're working with ThinkRisk on contract approval management software to automate the process of capturing information out of all of our contracts. This it to provide Finance with the notifications of when they need to bill various sponsors and let us know in advance when contracts are due to expire as well.

Michael Bullock

CFO, Cricket Victoria


For our external auditors as well, ThinkRisk provides them with insights into what we were doing through our last end of financial year audit. It gives them a level of comfort, as well, that we're on top of our cybersecurity and the integrity of the financials we're producing.

Michael Bullock

CFO, Cricket Victoria


ThinkRisk designed for us the platform we needed so that we can needle, really needle our transaction samples and find the fraudulent ones.

Miriam Garcia Lara

Lead Internal Auditor, Cleveland Cliffs


As auditors leading this project, we were able to show the value ThinkRisk would bring to Finance. Audit hours would come down and there would be a lot more reliability of the information that is coming out. And you'd be able to address problems upfront, rather than waiting for them to blow up in your face later. You'd be able to deal with them in a more preventative, rather than corrective way.

Neel Venkatachalam

Regional Head - Internal Audit, Arcelor Mittal

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