Increase trust in
your financials.
Reduce the risk of
error and fraud.

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Increase trust in
your financials.
Reduce the risk of
errors and frauds.

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Identify your financial risks before they matter

ThinkRisk, our purpose-built flexible AI platform, analyzes 100% of your accounting transactions from the sub-ledger and general ledger to identify misuse, errors, and improve overall internal control health across your organization. We leverage our domain expertise by applying ThinkRisk’s proprietary machine learning solution to efficiently identify the most significant risks and provide an explanation for each finding.

  • Risk Insights

    Get clear and actionable insights based on all transactions and their relative impact to the financial statements.

  • Risk Analysis

    Find prioritized and explainable anomalies by analyzing 100% of your transactions in minutes by unlocking Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

  • Case Management

    Integrated workflows to enable collaboration and in-stream decision making.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Self-serve, customizable analytics to draw deeper insights from transactional data.

Get a consolidated view of your financial risks

Empowering the finance community across the enterprise

Our purpose-built AI platform analyses 100% of your transactions to deliver clear and actionable risk insights, increasing trust in your financial statements.


Identify and mitigate financial risk with Thinkrisk

Empowering finance and audit teams with deeper insights and greater risk assurance to deliver better financial outcomes.

  • 10%

    reduction in write-offs and discrepancies

  • 70%

    reduction in transaction review time

  • 30%

    Increase in audit efficiency

  • Improve
    Financial Outcome
    • Reduce financial statement risks
    • Single view for better decision support
    • Forward visibility into financial performance
  • Proactive
    Risk Management
    • Early identification of fraud and abuse
    • Improve overall controls environment
    • Continuous monitoring of internal controls
  • Enhance
    • Faster and efficient close process
    • Analyze full scope of transactions
    • Internal Audit process optimization
  • Improve
    User Experience
    • Data consolidation
    • Reduce time spent on routine tasks
    • Upskill talent

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