Learn how ThinkRisk helped Arcelor Mittal increase assurance and transform their SOX/audit process.

Monitoring and controlling the behaviour of employees using corporate credit cards is one of the significant risks in T&E. ThinkRisk evaluates 100% of employee credit card transactions to identify anomalies and risks which are not compliant with organizational travel policy, unusual behaviour and misappropriation in time for management to intervene with appropriate mitigating steps.

Analyze all
corporate credit card

ThinkRisk audits every single corporate credit card and payment card transactions using AI and ML to identify and learn potential anomalies, outliers, erroneous entries, and employee spend patterns to intervene and take the necessary action. These outcomes allow the management to spot one-off errors and risks that would have otherwise gone undetected.

Identify compliance
with travel and
expense policy

Transaction analysis provides details of spend activity that does not comply with the corporate travel and expense policy. ThinkRisk analyzes employee behavioural patterns to shape the guidelines based on the spend patterns and have specific training to help change employee behaviours.

Accelarate your T&E

Analytical insights into the credit card movement and payment card transactions for a given period across the enterprise highlight the exceptions and outliers that impact the business, increase compliance and frees critical resource time to focus on the causes that matter.

Improving the quality
of internal controls

ThinkRisk gives you the visibility needed to improve internal controls, abnormalities in your spend, unusual buying patterns and employee behaviours with end-to-end transaction traceability.